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Ways to Meet Nutritional Needs in the Body!


Ways to Meet Nutritional Needs and Nutrition in the Body! Having a healthy body is everyone’s hope because when sick, all activities will be disrupted. Plus there are funds that must be spent to see a doctor.

Ways to Meet Nutritional Needs and Nutrition in the Body!

Nutritional needs of the body

To get a healthy body, you must eat foods full of nutrition and nutrition because food can provide the body’s resistance to dispel all diseases that attack. The following are some ways to meet nutritional and nutritional needs in the body:

Consuming 4 Healthy 5 Perfect

When we were little, we are always reminded that we always have to eat four healthy five perfect foods. But as adults, the four healthy five perfect diets seem to be forgotten.
The four healthy five perfect diet includes five elements, namely carbohydrate as a staple food, side dishes as protein intake, vegetables as fiber intake, fruits as vitamin intake, and milk that can supplement the four nutrients and nutrients.

Eating Foods that are Rich in Nutrition

We always assume that eating healthy is definitely expensive. Don’t have such thoughts first! There are many foods that are rich in nutrients that can be taken.

How to meet the nutritional needs of the body?

Let’s take an example, if you don’t have the cost to eat beef, it can be replaced with chicken or fish which is cheaper to meet animal protein. If you still feel objections too, there are still vegetable proteins such as tofu and tempeh which are not less nutritious.
Likewise with fruits. You don’t need expensive fruits like apples and pears because you can replace them with bananas or papaya which are cheaper. Remember, Indonesia has abundant natural products.

Add Intake of Grains and Nuts

Eat four perfectly healthy five already, but you also need to add another intake, such as grains and beans. These grains and nuts can be used as healthy snacks instead of snack chips or edible snacks.

The recommended seeds for consumption are pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds. As for the types of nuts, you can eat almonds, walnuts, walnuts, kidney beans, green beans, soybeans, and edamame beans.

Eat in the appropriate portion

As said earlier, Indonesians tend to eat with a lot of patterns to eat rice, while the side dishes and vegetables are very little. It’s like, as long as your stomach is full, you are happy. Indeed your heart is happy, but your body will not be happy because the portion of food eaten is not in accordance with what is needed by the body.

The good thing is, in one serving dish, you should at least have a ratio of 1: 1: 1 between rice, side dishes, and vegetables. That way the portion of rice will not be too much.

Drinking enough water

Even though it looks trivial and often not too cared for, but drinking enough water is very necessary so that the body can absorb properly the nutritional intake and nutrients from the food you have eaten. Those are some ways to meet your body’s nutritional needs that you can try right now.

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