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Ways to Lose Weight Practically Natural, Without a Strict Diet


Ways to Lose Weight Practically Natural, Without a Strict Diet! Sometimes, weight must be controlled so as not to overdo it. Excessive weight has the potential to cause various diseases and make the movement more limited.

Unfortunately, only a few people are diligent in following a strict diet program. Apart from being impractical, even a tight schedule is not possible. Here are some ways to lose weight naturally:

Ways to Lose Weight Practically Natural, Without a Strict Diet

1.Sounds strange, but breakfast in large quantities in the morning will reduce your hunger hormone

You must have heard that skipping breakfast will make you more hungry at the next meal. Even hunger will come before lunch arrives, then you will try snacking on various snacks.

An Imperial College London study in 2013 found that women who had a larger breakfast would experience greater decreases in ghrelin (the hormone hunger) than those who ate only a little.

2. End your breakfast with a dessert that tastes sweet so your cravings will decrease

In a study conducted by Tel Aviv University Medical Center, one group had a breakfast of 304 calories with 10 grams of carbohydrates.

The other group breakfasted 600 calories with 60 grams of carbohydrates which included chocolate desserts, donuts, or cakes. The researchers say people who consume dessert are less likely to drink.

3. Increase your daily fiber consumption by at least 30 grams per day

Increasing fiber consumption to 30 grams a day is almost equivalent to undergoing a strict diet. The American Heart Association study conducted a test in one group instructed by a strict diet by limiting calories, sugar, and saturated fat.

Another group was instructed to consume 30 grams of fiber a day. After three months, the two groups lost weight and improved their heart health.

How to Lose Weight in a Natural Way?

4. Stay away from any drinks other than water, tea, and coffee so as not to accumulate sugar and calories

Soda and packaging juice can be likened to liquid candy because it contains 18 teaspoons of sugar and 240 calories per 20 ounces portion. Unfortunately, the nutritional value is zero.

Don’t feel safe if you consume diet soda. According to research summarized in the journal “Obesity”, diet soda enthusiasts tend to have higher fat in the stomach. Researchers believe this is because the estimation of excess calories has an effect on overeating.

5. Fill your refrigerator or freezer with fresh vegetables so that your daily consumption is only nutrients

Ideally, the vegetables you store are freshly picked vegetables and immediately frozen. Because the way, the nutrients found in vegetables should be utilized and enjoyed immediately. With the number of vegetables in the refrigerator, you will feel sorry to waste it just to order fast food.

6. If you have trouble reducing meat, replacing it with vegetable protein can be tried

In fact, vegetarians have a leaner body compared to meat eaters. But for beginners, consuming a vegetarian completely without animal protein is a difficult thing.

The solution is to replace meat with vegetable protein. A serving of black beans will give you 15 grams of protein. Those are some ways to lose weight in a natural way, good luck !.

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