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Nutrients Required For Child Growth!


Nutrients Required For Child Growth! Childhood is the most precious golden moment for your baby because fulfilling the child’s nutritional needs at that time will affect its growth and development. As a broad-minded modern parent, you certainly want to support your child’s growth and development as much as possible.

So that your baby develops into a healthy, intelligent and active person. A complete review of the following nutritional needs of children will definitely add to your knowledge so that the daily nutritional needs for child growth can be fulfilled effectively every day.

Since birth, children need maximum nutritional intake to support their overall growth and development. In the early days of life, children’s nutritional needs can be met through the consumption of breast milk or formula milk (for). Along with increasing age, the nutritional needs of children are certainly more and more diverse. Children can get nutritional intake from food and drinks consumed every day.

Daily nutritional needs for children

That is why your baby is required to consume a variety of nutrient-rich foods to support his growth and development. Children who get enough nutritional intake will avoid the risk of stunting, weak immune system, and various other health problems. In addition, the daily nutritional intake in a balanced portion also makes children more energetic and proactive while on the move throughout the day.

Nutrients Required For Child Growth!


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy needed by the body. Carbohydrate intake is also important to maximize brain function. The source of carbohydrates turns out not only from rice and tubers. You can also get carbohydrates from wheat, corn, oatmeal, quinoa, and other food ingredients.


Protein intake is needed to support the regeneration of body cells and maximize muscle growth. Other body organs such as hair and skin also need protein to always be healthy. You can get protein intake from two types of food sources, namely animal protein (from animals) and vegetable protein (from plants).

What are the nutrients needed for child growth?

Various Types of Vitamins

Your baby also needs all types of vitamins, namely vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K to support their growth and development. Each type of vitamin has different benefits, namely:
⦁ Vitamin A: helps maintain the function of the liver, eyes, and skin.
⦁ Vitamin B: maximizes the growth of the nervous system.
⦁ Vitamin C: helps increase the body’s resistance so it doesn’t get sick easily.
⦁ Vitamin D: forms and maintains bone and tooth density.
⦁ Vitamin E: maintain healthy skin and reproductive organs.
⦁ Vitamin K: supports the optimal blood clotting process.

Various types of vitamins can be obtained through the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts on a regular basis.

Folic Acid

Children need folic acid intake to maximize their brain growth. So, folic acid intake is not only enough during pregnancy. But also must be fulfilled when children start entering toddler. Intake of folic acid is found in nuts, green vegetables, and fruits.


Children who lack iron intake will experience blood circulation disorders. As a result, children will be more easily tired and lethargic when on the move. Food ingredients that contain iron include spinach, various types of fish, red meat, and nuts. Those are some of the nutrients needed for your child’s growth that need to be known.

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